Type 280

Liquid wallpapers (silk plaster) "Style" Type 280


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  • Primary colors
  • Horchychny
  • Application area
  • 2.5-3 sq.m. (25-30 ft²)
  • Color additives
  • No (one-tone)
  • Main component
  • Silk
  • The weight
  • 1 kg.

Liquid wallpaper Style is a high-tech finishing material that will give the walls an aesthetic and extraordinary appearance due to a uniform seamless coating.

Finishing material is suitable for decorating walls inside residential and non-residential premises. The quality, environmental friendliness and safety of the product is confirmed by the conclusion of the SES of Ukraine.

Liquid wallpaper style

Before applying the material to any type of surface, take care of high-quality waterproofing. For example, concrete surfaces, plaster and drywall are cleaned of stains, whitewash, loose old plaster and foreign objects, after which they are coated with a deep penetration acrylic primer, and chipboard, wood, metal, plywood with PF-115 alkyd enamel.

Advantages of liquid wallpaper Style

  • Safety. The mixture contains environmentally friendly components. Liquid wallpaper Style does not emit harmful substances, both in dry and diluted form. The material can be used for wall decoration in the bedroom and nursery.
  • Moisture absorption, vapor permeability. Finishing, has "breathing" properties, contributes to the creation of a favorable microclimate in the room.
  • Sound and heat insulation. The decorative covering well absorbs noise, keeps heat.
  • Resistance to temperature difference. Liquid wallpaper can be used in unheated rooms.
  • Simple preparation and application of the mixture on the surface. With only one tool (a plastic semi-terre), even a novice master without experience can handle all types of work.
  • No joints or seams. Decorative finish forms a homogeneous monolithic coating on the surface of the walls.
  • Masking of defects, cracks, "smoothing" of irregularities and drops. Even small voids can be hidden under liquid wallpaper.
  • Spot repair. All damaged or soiled areas are restored quickly and imperceptibly - without visible joints and the need to remove the entire coating.
  • Warranty 15 years. When closed, without losing the adhesive properties, the mixture can be stored at room temperature for several days. The guaranteed shelf life of the dry mix in a closed bag is 24 months from the date of production.

Provided that the walls are properly prepared and the application technology is followed, a beautiful and warm coating will give you a lot of positive emotions, make the room cozy, and the atmosphere in it - unique and harmonious. The service life of liquid wallpaper is 15 years.

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