Type 35

Liquid wallpapers (silk plaster) "Style" Type 35


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  • In Stock 24
  • Primary colors
  • Red
  • Application area
  • 3-3.5 sq.m. (30-35 ft²)
  • Color additives
  • Yarn
  • Main component
  • Silk
  • The weight
  • 1 kg.

Liquid wallpaper type 35 TM "Style" looks not only attractive, but really stylish and luxurious. Blotches of pink, scattered over the coating, seem more like fairy flower petals than yarn fibers.

The silk base of the material looks no less delightful. Silk is a noble, refined and spectacular material. However, its advantages are by no means limited to appearance. Silk fibers give the coating a special wear resistance and durability.

Type 35 liquid wallpaper will become a real decoration of the living room, attracting the admiring glances of guests. It can also be used to decorate the walls of the bedroom, children's room and even the kitchen, where, associating with various goodies, it will have a positive effect on appetite.

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Сподобались! Дуже гарно виглядають з червоним блиском

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Purchased in this store: Yes


На стене смотрятся шикарно

Все понравилось кроме расхода, наверное потому что наносили первый раз

Admin Reply:

Добрый день! Да, бывает нужно немного времени чтобы приноровится работать с новым материалом. Приятного ремонта !

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