Type 43

Liquid wallpapers (silk plaster) "Style" Type 43


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  • In Stock 31
  • Primary colors
  • Violet
  • Application area
  • 3-3.5 sq.m. (30-35 ft²)
  • Color additives
  • Yarn
  • Main component
  • Silk
  • The weight
  • 1 kg.

The comfort and warmth of a home. This is what we are all striving for. And an important role in the realization of these desires is played by interior design. Liquid wallpaper type 43 TM "Style" looks very homely. The fibers of delicate yarn give them special effect. As a result, the coating appears voluminous, soft and warm .

The yarn, among other things, tints the material in a beautiful purple color. Classical style, as well as high-tech styles, futurism, pop art, fusion, modern, art deco open up unlimited possibilities for using this particular shade of purple in interior design.

Another advantage of type 43 liquid wallpaper is its silk base, which is distinguished by its sophisticated look and durability.

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легки в нанесении

Была заминка с доставкой прислали не тот цвет обоев но обмен произошёл сразу, спасибо. Хорошие обои, легко наносятся, на стене объёмно смотрятся.

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Легко наносятся



Получились светлее чем на картинке.

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Обої ще кращі ніж на фото! Чудове поєднання шовку і блиску, на стіні виглядають об`ємними. Дякую!

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