Type 45

Liquid wallpapers (silk plaster) "Style" Type 45


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  • In Stock 27
  • Primary colors
  • blue Green Red Yellow
  • Application area
  • 3-3.5 sq.m. (30-35 ft²)
  • Color additives
  • Thread
  • Main component
  • Silk
  • The weight
  • 1 kg.

Liquid wallpaper type 45 TM "Style" looks mega beautiful, unusual and spectacular . Their main advantage is textile threads of almost all colors of the rainbow, picturesquely scattered over a light base. The resulting picture is very colorful, but not tiring.

Of course, the coating is a favorite for use in a children's room . But it is possible and even necessary to paint your life with bright colors even in adulthood. Just imagine a living room with walls covered in this wonderful splash of blues, greens, reds and yellows. Mood lifts immediately, doesn't it?!

And the quality of type 45 liquid wallpaper is also worthy of all praise. The silk basis allows them to keep a presentable look and exclusive operational properties for years.

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качество отменное, с ними приятно и легко работать. Классная веселая расцветка :)


фото на сайте не передает всей красоты этого типа - в реале намного лучше!

Покупали эти обои в детскую, остались довольны. Обои смотрятся ярко и интересно, но ненавязчиво. А еще с ними комната стала как-то теплее

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