Type 69

Liquid wallpapers (silk plaster) "Style" Type 69


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  • Primary colors
  • Yellow Lilac
  • Application area
  • 3-3.5 sq.m. (30-35 ft²)
  • Color additives
  • Thread
  • Main component
  • Silk
  • The weight
  • 1 kg.

The tandem of yellow and purple colors in the interior is quite unusual. Not everyone decides to use it and not everyone likes it. But only if it does not apply to liquid wallpaper type 69 TM "Style". In their color design, yellow and purple tones are present in the form of light blotches, provided by the addition of colored textile threads to the composition of the material.

Light, slightly shiny silk as a base adds more effect to the coating and makes it more resistant to external influences.

Type 69 liquid wallpaper with its cheerful colors is a real must-have for a child's room or living room that lacks bright colors.

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В захваті від рідких шпалер!! Досить вдале поєднання кольорів, завдяки цьому кімната вийшла світлою і яскравою

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